Michigan Competitive Mounted Orienteering

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 May 4 & 5           Horses For Hope CMO              Greg & Linda Weirauch
Elba Equestrian Complex                  [email protected]
                                    Benefit for Horses for Hope             810 955 9368

 May 18 & 19      Hadley Hills CMO                                  Steve Keim & Vera Kraft                                                Ortonville Recreation Area                      [email protected]
                                    Benefit for OREA                                   810 793 4558                                                  

 June 1 & 2          Back To Basics CMO                    Vicki Horsley 269 244 9913
Silver Creek County Park                           [email protected]
Hamilton, MI (CMO meeting 4:00 Sat.)

 June 8 & 9          Once Upon A Time CMO        Cindy Debiak & Rebecca Ferris                                                  Ionia Recreation Area                   [email protected]        
Ionia, MI                                     [email protected]

 June 29 & 30       Ride Like The British Are Coming CMO   Val Kadzban & Janet Wenger
                                       D Bar D Ranch                                              
[email protected] 616 560 2494
Chase, MI                                                       [email protected]
231 796 4542     

 July 27                Free Beginner’s Clinic 10:00 AM    Barb Drake & Linda Kraai
-Not a NACMO Sanctioned Ride-               [email protected] 989 227 0045                                           Sleepy Hollow Recreation Area                [email protected]
                                       Flyer                                                                   517 930 5558

 August 10 & 11   Boot Scootin Boogie CMO                   Trudi Reurink                               Yankee Springs Equestrian Campground                   & Luann Huizinga                                                                                                                             616 293-9536
                                                                                                                            [email protected]
                                                                                                                           616 813 6682

August 24 & 25    Don’t Get Your Undies in a Wad CMO    Barb Drake & Linda Kraai
Sleepy Hollow Recreation Area                [email protected] 989 227 0045
                               Flyer   Benefit for SHTRA                 
[email protected]                                                                                                                       5179305558
Sept.14 & 15
         Going To The Fair CMO            Melissa Fox 810 790 0220
Cummings Center                            [email protected]
                                   Mt. Morris, MI                                                   

Oct.  12 & 13        Take A Gamble CMO        Becki Ruh, Johnnie & Dustin Sloan
                              Fort Custer                          
[email protected] 269 649 3720                               Flyer                                     [email protected] 269 207 5406

 Oct. 19 & 20        Keepin’ It Simple CMO                 Vicki Horsley 269 244 9913
YMCA Camp Eberhart                           [email protected]
Shellie Hochstetler 574 536 4751



General CMO Ride information:

Friday rides - Riders may start after 12:00pm. Saturday rides - Riders may start as early as  8:00am, and are encouraged to start by 1:00pm. Sunday rides - Riders MUST start before 12:00pm on Sunday. Unless otherwise stated. Check with the ride manager to verify time, date, and place ahead of time (remember the ride manager usually camps early to set up, so call early).

 Potluck each Saturday evening. Long and Short Courses available each day.

 Unless specified above all rides are NACMO and MiCMO sanctioned. Riders earn lifetime points and a chance at each ride’s awards. CMO’s are usually $10 for NACMO annual members, $15 for day members, $5 for Junior members or $10 for Junior day members, and $5 per family for Beginners Clinics. You can join NACMO & MiCMO at the ride. Horses must be 3 years old to participate. Juniors  must have written parental permission and ride with an adult. Participants may ride as an individual or as part of a team of up to 6 riders. Bring an orienteering compass and something to write with, we have some compasses for sale and available to loan.                                                      

 For general CMO info or if you are unable to reach the Ride Manager contact MiCMO President, Alison Bennett 616-901-9105 or via email [email protected]. (Email preferred!)