Michigan Competitive Mounted Orienteering


       It's called the "Thinking Horse Sport"!



Competitive Mounted Orienteering (CMO) is one of the most challenging and exciting equestrian sports - for the competitive as well as family horse rider! CMO is like a mounted treasure hunt, which tests your horsemanship, your map reading ability, and your compass skills - all while having great fun with your horse!


The object of the sport is to ride out either as an individual or a team on a prearranged course, in pursuit to find as many of the cleverly concealed stations (see picture above) as you can- in the least amount of time. However, how fast you go is totally up to you! You are awarded points for the stations you find, and also for the amount of time you spend on the course.

There are two available courses-you can only choose one. You are able to choose either a Long Course, which contains ten stations or a 5 station short course.

The long course can be anywhere from around 8 to as long as 25 miles. The short course distance is approximately half of the long, thus the reason it is half the stations. The length often depends on the location the CMO is being held. The short course is oriented towards families, riders wishing a less competitive event, training of new horses, and new riders looking to check out the CMO fun.

The terrain depends on what location the CMO is being held. CMO rides are held all over the country from the high forests of Washington State to the flat lands of Michigan.

Want more information? You can visit the National Association of Mounted Orienteering website or click here to request a copy of MiCMO's fully detailed color "How To CMO" brochure.